Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hi!  I'm Becky Garrison, aka Camellia Cottage Designs.  For a long time I have had an odd collection that most people wouldn't understand ... a collection of blogs of inspiring people in the paper crafting community. 

A few years ago I had a huge blog list, then my Dad got very sick and my life was taken over by doctors visits, hospital stays, trips to the emergency room, and then a Hospice facility.  When you are in the midst of the most stressful and emotionally draining thing you have ever done, sometimes you make crazy choices.  I decided in early 2009 that I had to let the paper crafting thing go, so I put a hold on my blog, deleted literally dozens of blogs I loved, and would not allow myself to do any crafting with paper, or be involved in the community.  It was awful!  And not being able to do what I loved actually added to the stress.

When my dad passed away in September, 2009, I went from being on the road all the time, spending hours and days at hospitals, etc. to literally having nothing to do.  My life for almost 3 years had been dictated by my parents and their needs, and now only my mom needed me and that was only occasionally.  Within a month I was beginning to play with paper again, and it felt so GOOD!

And I haven't looked back.  In the last two plus years I've been members of several design teams, had my first card published, been featured on blogs and facebook and more!  I love making cards, and love the people who love to make cards!

This blog is simply to provide a place where I can re-build and restore as much of that list I deleted almost three years ago.  I need the inspiration that I can find while visiting so many talented people's blogs, and it's fun to see what things are hot with the other crafty folks out there.

So, I hope you find this blog, and the people listed to your right, inspiring, educational, and fun!  If you have a favorite card maker or paper crafter I would love to see their blogs, so please leave me a comment with a link.  Thanks!  Becky